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1. Starting Point

There is simply no point in starting to actively search for a property to buy UNTIL you know that you can get a loan, UNLESS you intend to pay for the property entirely with Cash!  

But some simple generic questions need answers

  • Type: House, Townhouse, Apartment or ???
  • Age: Brand New or Established
  • Status: Built or To Be Constructed
  • Location: City Centre, suburban, regional, rural
  • Practicalities: # Bedrooms, # Bathrooms, # Parking Spots, # Living areas, Swimming Pool, fencing, landscaping, furnishings 7 fittings?
  • Purpose: Investment or Owner Occupation
  • Strategy: Cashflow, Capital Growth, or both
  • Location: Service and Lifestyle amenity choices, travel times to work, etc

What things are Not Negotiable and what things are negotiable?

Long before you start looking buying a property, you must be sure your finances and ownership structures are in order.

2. How much can I Afford or Want to Pay for a property

The Key Question here is AFFORDABILITY. What can I safely afford without the risk of hardship if I purchased the property?

  • Do I have enough cash for a deposit?
  • Do I have enough cash for purchase costs?
  • Do I have a safety net of 6 months of payments held in a savings account?

As a "rule-of-thumb" to get the best chance of getting a home loan, I advise my clients to have enough cash for:

  • 20% of Purchase price as a Deposit
  • 6% of Purchase price as an allowance for all purchase costs - Insurance, legals, broker fees, bank fees & charges, gov't taxes, fees & charges
  • Extra Cash to cover any "Bank Valuation" shortfalls on my chosen property - Bank value the property at a 30-day sale price (auction) not what a normal sale period will value the property at!

Ownership Structure?

Will I buy this property in my own name, partnership, company name, Discretionary Trust Name, SMSF, or ???

Getting this right will save on a lot of money if you have to fix it later.

3. Get Finance Ready

Good Credit, Bad Credit, Poor Credit History

Being declined by a bank for your mortgage does not mean you are not eligible for a mortgage it just means you haven’t met that particular banks criteria.

So What Criteria Do Lenders Look At?

  • Credit history
  • Income history (employment)
  • Savings history
  • Spending history
  • Rental history
  • Current exposure level to credit - Credit cards (number & limits), personal loans, existing home loans


Investing in property is a great way to build your wealth!

Engaging the services of a Mortgage Broker can help you navigate the pitfalls of finding the Right Home Loan for your circumstances.

A Mortgage Broker has a statutory obligation to recommend a loan that is in your best interest, whereas a bank does not (as they only recommend their own products which is in their best interest NOT yours!)

A formal pre-approval involves a formal assessment of your credit worthiness and a formal written notification by the lender of how much you can borrow is then issued to you subject to the lender's approval conditions, usually they include

  • Subject to offering a suitable property as security
  • Subject to your financial profile not changing

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Home Loan Checklist

 If you are looking to...

- Purchase your First Home or Investment Property 

- Buy Land

- Build a New Home

- Refinance your existing loans

- Purchase an Investment property.

- Need a Business loan

- or Just Need a Loan!

In most cases - our services are completely free for you to use, as we get paid by the lenders for doing the assessment work; collating your loan application; and meeting with you.